From the Stars to the Stage: Broadway Training Classes for Performing Arts



Actors, regardless of experience level, may pursue workshop training through acting conservatories or by being mentored by a drama coach. Actors also research roles so that they can grasp concepts quickly during rehearsals and understand the story setting and background.


Actors need talent, creative ability, and training that will enable them to portray different characters. Because competition for parts is fierce, versatility and a wide range of related performance skills, such as singing, dancing, skating, juggling, or miming are especially useful. Experience in horseback riding, fencing, or stage combat also can lift some actors above the average and get them noticed by producers and directors. Actors must have poise, stage presence, the capability to affect an audience, and the ability to follow direction. Modeling experience also may be helpful.


Take your creativity to the next level with hands on real stage performing training from our talented instructors. We understand that you are never too experienced to hone and build up your craft as a performer. For that reason alone, we offer a wide range of training and coaching workshops for budding and seasoned actors.


Acting for Theatre: Covers professional acting techniques and how to properly use acting skills for live audience performance.


Theatre Terminology: Covers the study of terms used in theatre performing arts. Each module will cover an understanding of terms used in Theatre, TV, and Film.


Script Analysis: The actor will interpret the intent, motivation, and goals of each character in a given script.


Voice: The vocal work is designed to provide the actor with techniques in projection, vocal quality, voice-over acting, and expressiveness developed through monologues and poetry; voice-over demo.


Movement: Covers posture, gesture, walk, and dance to increase physical potential.


Auditions: Covers tools of the Trade, resume development information, headshot information, demo information, monologues, reading, cattle calls, theatre, camera, and commercial auditions, callbacks, and working with agents.


TV and Film Acting: The actor will develop performing skills needed for the camera in TV and Film.


Improvisation Acting: Actors will learn the technique of “making it up’ as they use their instincts to define a character response to internal and external stimuli, while maintaining focus and concentration even in difficult and stressful circumstances.


Comedy Acting: Actors will learn the use of humor for the stage with the understanding that humor is subjective according to a person’s taste. Actors will explore two levels of comedy: irony or black comedy; scatological humor or slapstick.


Dramatic Dance: Actors will learn how to use drama and mime acting style combined with Hip/Hop, and African dance styles driven by drum sounds, to create interpretive dramatic dance that tells a story.


Artists, Managers, Writers Training/Coaching Description:


Producing a Play: This training is for artists and playwrights: selecting the script, royalties, developing a production budget, leasing space, creating sets and costumes, marketing and public relations, box office and house management, fundraising, liability insurance, working with the artistic team, actors’ Equity Agreements and Codes, working with the design and technical team, legal issues, marketing the production, avoiding promoters from hell, how to find producers and agents, previews and reviews.


Entertainment Marketing Training: Entertainment structure, people-power-and players, marketing movies, understanding network TV, syndication, and radio; cable television and direct broadcast satellite; print publishing, music, location-based entertainment and experiential branding, piracy.


Music Entertainment Industry Management and Development Training:  Personal Managers, Business Managers, Legal Issues, Understanding Record Deals, Songwriting and Music Publishing, Group Issues, Touring, Merchandising, Music and New Technologies, Motion Picture Music.


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