Children Events


Our children events are filled with fun, drama, thrill, and excitment from theme parties, theatre shows, and  you are the star educational theatre program.


Theatre Shows: Our children theatre shows are fun filled productions that promises to keep them on the edge of thier seat anticipating what will happen next.


Theme Parties: Our theme parties range from live characters - SpongeBob, Sesame Street, Sid the Science Kid, Arthur,  Barney & Friends, Power Rangers, Dora the Explorer, My Little Pony, X-Men, Disney, Superman, Batman, Spider-man, Iron man, Hulk, Wonder Woman, Monster and more.


Educational Theatre with drama, music, and dance: Performing theatre arts has never been better, since our conception of teaching with the art of live Theatre as an effective  training program for children and teens! Our lead training Actor helps students become the star in roles to bring academics to life with music and drama.  The entertainment industry has proven that students are more excited, have greater retention of information, and become more involved with the learning process when it is presented in live entertainment style.


We have created our Educational Theatre Shows based on the national standard curriculum for English Comprehension, History, Government, Civics, Health and Life Skills,. Educational Theatre will help students recognize information as important, act on information in ways that make it more meaningful, store information in long-term memory, transfer contexts from exposure to application. Educational theatre helps students to actively process information and helps to improve student academic performance. Students are motivated to actively participate in the learning process using entertainment as an effective vehicle for training.